Terms of service

This page states the terms of use(“Terms”) under which you may use JapanWork.If There is a little difference between Terms in Japanese and Terms in English, Terms in Japanese is considered right.You can check Terms in Japanese.If you want to check Japanese version, please click this link.

We are not responsible for misunderstanding by translating.



“Users” means anyone who uses JapanWork.


2.Prohibited matter

We prohibit users from acting as below.


①register untrue information

②act against public order or laws

③entrench on other users` rights or our company

④slander other users or our comppany

⑤apply for celebration money though you don`t continue to work

⑥act to prevent our company from managing JapanWork

⑦do anything we consider unsuitable


3.deletion of information

If  consider users do prohibited matter, We can delete registration information without informing users about the deletion.


4.treatment of image of Residence card

We don`t use image of Residence card for the purpose of anything except checking users` profiles.Also, sonn after checking, we will delete the image.


5.changing our service

We may change the service or discontinue temporarily without informing users about that.

In that case, users cannot demur to that.


6.Escape clause

①JapanWork is not “job placement ” defined by the law , so we don`t gurantee our services accurate or useful.

②We are not responsible for any loss which are incurred when users use JapanWork.

③We are not responsible for any loss which are incurred when we stop or change JapanWork.


7.Changing Terms

We can change Terms without informing users about that.



If you are against Terms and inflict a loss to someone, you are responsible for indeminity.


9.Competent  court

Tokyo District Court is the Competent  court about the trouble about the Terms.