What is JapanWork

“JapanWork” is the free website for foreigners who want to get a part-time job in Japan.

We give you part-time job information only for foreigners , so you can get jobs easily.




you have to register your information first. After you send your information , we will check your Residence card. After checking, you become members and can see job information


②Search for information and apply for it

After registration , you can see part-time job information. you can search with several terms and you can apply for it by mail or calling.


③ You pass the job interview and get a job !!

After you apply to a job , you adjust the schedule and take the job interview . If you pass the interview , you can start the job !

Start to search for part-time job information !

We have part-time job information below areas. Ikebukuro / Shinjuku / Shibuya / Ueno / Akihabara / Asakusa
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We are going to write an article on working environment of foreigners in Japan. We want to tell information of problems foreigners in Japan feel when they are searching jobs or working. Therefore, we are looking for foreigners who cooperate our making article. (You can talk about your problem of work to us or write an article) If you help us, please send a message to the following e-mail address.